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VGA's tools for your success - Small Biz loans and initiatives

VGA's tools for your success - Small Biz loans and initiatives

It's hard to start a new business and be successful; that's why a full 50% of new businesses are out of business after 4 years.

VGA is looking out for you, though, and has a number of initiatives to help support your business and position you for success.

Here in the VGA region, we recognize that the majority of new jobs and business growth comes from small business. We also recognize that local businesses are more dedicated to the community, give more to local non-profits, and help to make our communities more unique – which in turn boosts our tourism efforts and makes the region more desirable as a place to live.

As a result, we have dedicated a large part of our mission to promoting an entrepreneurial environment and supporting small businesses. Take a look at what we're doing:

  • Pack Fund micro loan program - $150,000 fund through which small businesses can borrow up to $40,000 at low interest rates. The funds can be used to buy new equipment, launch a new product line, or just grow your business. Find out more.
  • Shop Local VGA - Businesses within VGA can have their own online store through this website, and site visitors can buy from multiple vendors in one transaction. PayPal distributes the money to each vendor, and each vendor also receives order information for only their portion of the purchase. The site also has a business directory of businesses in the VGA region. Find out more.
  • Virginia's Great Adventures - This website promotes tourism in VGA to help grow that sector of our economy. It includes an interactive map of attraction as well as a directory of tourism-related businesses. Find out more.
  • Think Bigger VGA - This site! It was developed to provide tools, information, and access to resources that will help you start and grow your business. Our Events calendar includes business-related events throughout the region, many of them free (like workshops!).


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